Tuesday, December 14, 2010


We had snow mid November a few days before Thanksgiving. It was pretty for a  few days and left. Its been mostly just wet since. A very wet winter has been predicted and so far thats all it is. We have had a few really cold nights but mostly a typical Whidbey Island winter consisting of wind rain and overcast with moderate temperatures. This time of year still requires a few "Snowy" themed ATCs.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

From my Watercolor Sketchbook Journal

Examples of watercolor sketch journal pages.
I start with a sketch then add water color, usually a wash on dry paper. I am often doing this outside of the house  and the only water is what I am able to carry with me. Usually only a few ounces. This is where wc pencils and a water brush is handy. I often draw while out and when I am back home I use my regular set of watercolors and brushes.
Food and whatever I have to look at in front of me on the ferry to and from  the mainland are frequent subjects.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

snowflakes for Swap-bot New Fangled Zentangles and More group

This file is to big to properly show up on the swap page so here it is. Hopefully those thinking about joining the swap will have a better understanding of the instructions with this scan. The snowflakes are not complete yet. I intend to add sparkles,  mount on decorative paper with a scalloped edge and finish with a  ribbon hanger.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halloween ART


Fantastic Spider in a web, Watercolor and ink

 These ghost ATC's are collage.  They are layers of paper and plastic with jell pens. The scans cant show how dimensional the cards are. The forward ghost seems to float in front of the back ground ghost. They are available for trade.


Jell pen


More new art

Bartlett Pear ATC, watercolor
Gourds and pumpkin ATC, watercolor and ink
Green Squash, 4x4 inch watercolor and Inktense pencils
Field of Pumpkins 4x4 watercolor

New art, lots of it

Wow I haven't updated this blog since May. Lots has happened. I spent most of my time training my puppy, drawing, painting and managing my Swap-bot groups. Vacation was a 10 day cruise to Alaska to see the glaciers before they all disappear. I have lots of pages of watercolor sketches of food. I will scan them soon and upload them here. Food is a major activity on a ship. Seeing the glaciers  was incredible. We took Dandy my 10 pound wonder dog. Few believe he is a service dog until they see him work. He got lots of chances to chase after my pens aboard the ship. He was also the ships unofficial therapy dog for both passengers and crew. Everyone who had left a cherished pet at home wanted to pet Dandy and get their "dog fix." He heard "he is so cute" so many times he would go into his "pet me" position without being told by the 3rd day.
 I finally wore out a Mac. I knew the Mini Mac was getting tired, It was over 5 years old. I had  upgraded its OS  last year and recently transferred most of my files to an external hard drive. It just kept getting slower and slower.  One day it was having trouble and I gave it a restart command and well it couldn't do it. All its magic smoke had evaporated and it died. I had it checked out at the Mac store and they confirmed it was dead. I came home with a new Mini Mac.  I did loose a lot of scans I had just prepared to transfer when It died. Oh well It was only a months worth of work, about 40 pieces. Here is what I have done most recently.
 This group was for a fall  theme swap.
3 Gourds, 4x4inches,  watercolor
Pumpkin and a Gourd ATC

Pumpkins at  the Fence, 4x4 inches, watercolor
Apple Tree ATC

Bartlett Pears 4x4 inches, watercolor

Bin of Pumpkins ATC
Fall Blackberries ATC, Inktense pencils, watercolor

Fall leaves, watercolor and Inktense pencils

Fall Field, watercolor and ink

Fall Fence, ATC
4 Pumpkins ATC
Bartlett Pear ATC

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Zentangle collage; cut up zentangles that didn't work, or had mistakes, chewed on by puppies etc. Assemble and glue on a new page. Embellish and zentangle a bit more, new art.
White on black Zentangle

Art Journal pages

Flower ATC's
Art journal page for a friend.

3 crystal balls for a themed ATC swap "Magic"