Saturday, April 25, 2009

I recently started doing Swap-bot trades. Its fun its direct swapping for the most part. One on one swaps. Lots of variety in swapping. I've done ATCs of course, theme Inchies, fabric squares and  bags of tea. Lots of international trading. Here are a couple of the ATCs I have traded with Swap-bot.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Art Doll

I tried my hand at an art doll today. For those that don't know what one is, it's a jointed paper doll. A paper doll for a woman not a girl. They take a while and cutting small pieces of card stock is painful for me. Also making 5 of something is beyond my attention span. 3 and I get board. I managed to do it and I like them. This ones theme was  hero or heroine, a super hero type. Mine is Heloise the heroine of house wives . She wears chocolate brown leather and is armed with a feather duster and dark chocolate to save the day. 

Monday, April 13, 2009

I've been busy with swaps from the various ATC groups I belong to. I haven't had time to just make any spontaneous ones.  I have a long list of subjects I want to do. The fruit trees are blooming and they look like they are covered in popcorn. I want to draw and paint them but not until I  get the group trades done. I have started drying flowers for use on ATC's. I received one recently in a trade that had pressed flowers on it. It inspired me to try my hand at it.  I have one left of the first 4 I made. I will be doing more. 

Thursday, April 2, 2009

More New Art...

Its been raining a lot. Puget Sound , Western Washington State is wet  most of the time. The winds been making our "liquid sunshine" less appealing than usual. This was created in response to it. 

Fire flies in a Jar. I did this for a swap titled "A bugs life." Fire Flys are an incredibly ugly bug. What makes them interesting is that they glow. Its a chemical reaction in their bodies. I painted Illustration board with paynes grey acrylic paint for the "at night" back ground. I did the rest in metalic and India Ink. I made this extra one for a one on one trade. its still available.