Thursday, January 13, 2011

Inside Passage Cruise to Alaska July 2010

In mid July we took a cruise up the coast from Seattle, Washington to Alaska trough the "Inside Passage." To see The Coastal Glaciers and Glacier fileds.
I carry a messenger style shoulder bag with my field art kit in it. It always has a 6 inch by 9 inch Watercolor sketch book in it. Anytime I have 20 minutes or more to wait for something I get it out and sketch.  These sketches I did aboard ship. I took hundreds  of pictures as well, to many to post. We also had several port excursions where I only used the camera. 
My suitcase, All ready to go. 

Waiting for the safety drill to start on deck the the first day.

Food is a big deal on a cruise. Meals are lavish and formal.
A pencil and sketch book in hand is a great diet aid on a cruise. A Pencil in hand keeps the food on the plate. 

View of an Island at Breakfast on 7/17/2010

A Fishing Troller on the horizon the same day.

Runoff from the Glacier Icefield 7/19/2010

Sunset at 10:30pm

Coastal WC sketch 7/20'2010

Dandy the Wonderdog at  my feet in one of the Ships lounges. 

Images of the Variety show Stage and ceiling lights 7/22/2010

Our ship with the Olympic Peninsula Mountain 
range above the fog in the background.

My Dogs

My Dogs Kohl and Dandy. Kohl is the larger one. He is half Australian Shepherd and half Golden Retriever . Dandy is half Miniature Pincher and half Chihuahua. Both are trained Mobility Assistant Service dogs. They both do  specific tasks for me. As service dogs I can take  them every where with me. I generally take one or the other depending on what I mostly likely need assistance with. Dandy picks small items up and is great for retrieving art supplies that I may drop. Kohl is best for assisting me in getting around he can carry small parcels and pulls me up out of chairs. They both have gone to Art and Science Fiction Conventions, Museums, Restaurants and many other places I go. Dandy doesn't get to go as often as Kohl does now that he is getting older and his back knees are showing signs of wear. He did get to go on our  Alaska Inside Passage Cruise to see the  Glaciers last July. I will post scans of my Watercolor Sketch Book of the trip in another post. On a cruise ship small is best so Dandy got to go instead of Kohl. He was the only dog on the ship and everyones darling. He spent a lot of time being therapy  dog for all those missing their pets at home. 
Dandy and Kohl, Mid Summer 2010

Dany wearing an anti- bark collar