Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Art Journal Round Robins

Art Journal Round Robins are new to me. How it works is a circle of people work in each others sketch books and then pass on to the next person. In the swap RRs that I am in I have a month with a journal then I send it to the next person. Some are themed some are not. I'm currently in 2 RR's. The first is you take the last page done and take an element from it and include it in the first page you do. Then you do 3 or 4 more pages in your own style. The second one Is themed. Mine is change; use the word in any way shape or form you want. here are my pages so far.
The button fairie is removable and is an art doll Amulet. Behind her is a sketch of her so she remains even if she fly's away.

I have been busy with swap bot. I now co-own a water color swap group and own a Zentangle group. This one is for a Zen Pumpkin swap. The Fish is a one for one 4"x4" swap in the Water color swappers group.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Front and back of a "Quiltie" I recently made. Quilties combine traditional quilting with embellishment styles borrowed from ATC collage.

This Zentangle is 5"x 7" and when cut into quarters it becomes 4 ATCs.
This fish is going to be the example pic for a swap I am hosting in Swap-bot. Its a 4"x4" painting on a 5"x4" inch piece of water color paper. The one inch margine is for notes and binding in a "Fat Book."
One of my Dotee dolls I recently did. They are fun and easy to make. They are 4-6 inches in length and have a loop at the top and a tail. the tail is usually a string of beads. Though simple the "Dotee" doll is very versatile in creative expression. This one is "Pansy."