Thursday, January 13, 2011

Inside Passage Cruise to Alaska July 2010

In mid July we took a cruise up the coast from Seattle, Washington to Alaska trough the "Inside Passage." To see The Coastal Glaciers and Glacier fileds.
I carry a messenger style shoulder bag with my field art kit in it. It always has a 6 inch by 9 inch Watercolor sketch book in it. Anytime I have 20 minutes or more to wait for something I get it out and sketch.  These sketches I did aboard ship. I took hundreds  of pictures as well, to many to post. We also had several port excursions where I only used the camera. 
My suitcase, All ready to go. 

Waiting for the safety drill to start on deck the the first day.

Food is a big deal on a cruise. Meals are lavish and formal.
A pencil and sketch book in hand is a great diet aid on a cruise. A Pencil in hand keeps the food on the plate. 

View of an Island at Breakfast on 7/17/2010

A Fishing Troller on the horizon the same day.

Runoff from the Glacier Icefield 7/19/2010

Sunset at 10:30pm

Coastal WC sketch 7/20'2010

Dandy the Wonderdog at  my feet in one of the Ships lounges. 

Images of the Variety show Stage and ceiling lights 7/22/2010

Our ship with the Olympic Peninsula Mountain 
range above the fog in the background.

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