Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gosh lots going on , I joined a bunch new ATC groups in an attempt to find one that is more into hand drawn and hand painted . I wish group owners would be more informative on their front page. I also dropped a few right after joining. After the dust has settled I still haven't found a group that is mostly for hand drawn and or hand painted. I do  know a lot of ATC artist do this. Its not hard to find examples of it on line. Maybe in a couple of months I will start hosting hand drawn , hand painted swaps in my favorite group which does have a lot of diversity in its artist styles. Here are a couple of my latest in the not for everyone categories.

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  1. love the hand-drawn/painted atc's. I have been doing collage almost without exception for quite a while now but painting is and always will be my first love. Hope to swap sometime. John