Monday, June 15, 2009

One of my favorite pets I liked to draw and paint was an Albino Garter Snake.  I had her in a tank for several years. she was out growing her tank and I was planning on replacing it with a larger one. This was 2 weeks ago, before I could replace her tank she tried for an escape. She was pinched on the neck by the lid to her tank. She had not been pinched in the lid long before I found her and she seemed to be o k . She had no outward signs of injury. A week ago she unexpectedly died. I cleaned her tank and tunnel tubes and packed them away. Yesterday Mother nature presented me with another baby Garter snake while I was gardening. It was under a rock between the rock and a hard place. This one is a regular garden variety Garter Snake with common coloring and marks. They look like a shred from a blown automobile tire. The members of the household have named it Streaker. It now lives in the tank I had the other one in. It's so tiny, about 9 inches long and about the diameter of a pencil it will be happy in it for many years. Once it is used to its surroundings I will be drawing it. 


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  1. You'll have to tape one of your Jewel drawings to Streaker's new home. Lovely!