Sunday, January 24, 2010

New year long project.

Art quilt journal pages. Once a month I will be making a quilt, notebook page sized. The theme is "The Controlled Chaos That Is My Life" My life is often like a snowball taking a spiral path through the forest. As it travels down the hill to the beach, collecting and loosing things that it picks up as it travels.

Each of the monthly quilts will be a crazy quilt made with fabric I have collected through out my life. It will have things sewn on it I have made. Things I have collected over time to make projects I've never gotten around to making. The back of each will have a pocket. When the year is done I will put grommets on one edge of the quilt pages so they will go into a suitably decorated binder. I will then use the pockets in the quilted pages for keeping next years projects sorted and the small pieces together.

Here is January

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  1. A fantastic project and a lovely first page! I keep thinking about making a fabric journal; maybe one day I'll begin!