Thursday, March 12, 2009

Introduction: Tess Calhoun

I'm an artist and shareing my art with others is the reason for this Blog. I have a long history with visual art. The first time I went to college for a degree in Fine Art was 1973. I've gone back to school several times since but have not achieved that piece of paper that means little on its own. My artistic interests have been in Hand Spinning, weaving, figure drawing, ceramic sculpture, fiber art, soft sculpture, Watercolors, knitting, crochet and what ever looks shiny this week in the arts and craft stores. Early this year I re discovered Artist Trading Cards, ATCs for short. I love the small format, its great for quick studies of everything. I draw, or paint what ever strikes my fancy in a 2 1/2 in by 3 1/2 inch format. I mostly use water colors and ink. I occasionally will do a collage / assemblage style ATC. You will get to see what I have created here and why. I paint a lot of Fancy Goldfish and Koi. I draw and paint what ever strikes my interest. Give me an idea and I will usually run with it. I draw a lot of Zentangle doodles. I do  them to center and ground before doing other drawings and paintings. Some come out well enough to post as ATC's for trade. I belong to several on line ATC trading groups and regularly trade my ATCs. I will be posting  pics. of my art soon. To contact me about trading ATC's : or if you want to talk to me : YIM Theredpony2001

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